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Fugitive Slave Chapel in 1926

Fugitive Slave Chapel Preservation Project



Donation Page

Thank you for helping our project.

The 2¢ worth campaign was kicked off on November 7, 2013. 2¢ represents 15 minutes of work for an unskilled labourer in 1848, the year the chapel was built. During this campaign we invite 18,000 people to give us their 2¢ worth by contributing what they earned in 15 minutes at their occupations. At minimum wage this would be equal to $2.50. Of course any amount is welcome. You can donate by any of the methods on this page.

Cheques can be sent to

Beth Emanuel BME Church
430 Grey St,
N6B 1H3

Beth Emanuel phone 519-433-4311

FSCPP phone 226-272-1363

Please make cheques out to "Beth Emanuel Church" and earmark as appropriate. Please put FSCPP in the memo line to be sure it is used for this project.

To donate on line please use the button at the top of this page.

Whichever way you choose to donate we will issue receipts that you can use for income tax purposes in January of 2015 when your donations for the year of 2014 total $20.00 or more. Sorry, due to the cost of issuing receipts it is not economical to issue receipts for amounts less than $20.00.

Beth Emanuel Church operates many programs to help those enslaved by poverty, addictions and behaviour problems. To make a general donation to the church please use the donate button on the church's main page at http://bethemanuel.ca/.

The FSCPP thanks you for your generosity.

Distribution of Money Collected

Money collected will first be applied to any cost associated with moving the Fugitive Slave Chapel built in c 1847 from its present location at 275 Thames Street to the new location next to Beth Emanuel BME Church at 430 Grey Street. This will include the building of a suitable foundation / basement at the new location, any other cost of preparing the new site, the cost of preparing the building for the move and the actual moving cost.

Next, money will go to the restoration and renovation of the building. The building is in need of extensive repairs. Attempts will be made to restore it as closely as possible to the state it was in during the mid 1800's using as much of the original materials as possible.

Remaining money will go towards ongoing upkeep and construction of a supporting infrastructure. There is much to be determined as to its ongoing use, but this may include the cost of acquiring artefacts to be displayed in the building, ongoing research, Cost of utilities, repairs, insurance and any other cost associated with its maintenance and operation. It may also include the construction of an addition to the two heritage buildings, Beth Emanuel Church and the Fugitive Slave Chapel, to be used for administration and ongoing programs of Beth Emanuel Church. This will assure that the two buildings will be able to continue the reflect their history while research facilities, administrative offices, kitchen, dining facilities and the modern equipment needed for their uses would all be housed in the addition leaving the heritage buildings to contain historically accurate artefacts as much as possible.

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